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Dear patient,

The next instructions are design to inform you about what you must do and be aware of after your oral surgery.
I wish you a fast recovering and hope my professional services have fulfilled your expectations; if so, please recommend me to your family and friends.nIt has been a pleasure to help you. Thanks."
Dr.Jairo Vargas M
Post-Operative Instructions (after surgery)


* Use ice packs on the cheek, alternating on and off every five minutes, during the day of the surgery and for the next day.

* Apply biting pressure with clean gauze to stop bleeding.

* The day of surgery keep a liquid cool diet.

* It is normal to have a swelling on the next three days. By the fourth day, you will notice some improvement.

* Avoid exercises the first 10 days after the surgery.

* Take prescribed medications and follow all instructions as directed.

* Call your doctor immediately in case of excessive bleeding, persistent swelling, severe pain or fever.

* It is recommended to sleep in a semi-lifted position on the day of surgery to prevent bleeding. This can be achieved by raising the head with two pillows.

* During the first 24 hours, do not spit or rinse, as this increases bleeding.

* Brush carefully with soft toothbrush after surgery.

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Post-Operative Diet (after an oral surgery)

FIRST DAY: (the day after surgery) You must follow a cool liquid diet that consists of: Yogurt (Natural, apricot, apple or fruits not containing seeds or granola). You can have, ice cream, a milkshake or soft drinks with a lot ice. If you feel hungry eat soft food such as scrambled eggs, white bread with marmalade without seeds, pasta - everything at room temperature.

SECOND DAY: Same as the first day and you may add warm food such as: fish, soups, pasta, ground beef. Also you may drink coffee, or tea.

THIRD DAY: Same as second day - fish, soup, pasta, ground beef and also coffee or tea..

FOURTH DAY: You may be able to start your regular diet. Remember you are not supposed to eat rice, granola or any kind of food with grains or seeds until the fourth day.