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What is a dental implant?

  • Do you know what is a dental implant?

what is a dental implant

    • A dental implant itself is a cylindrical or conical, screw-like structure that is inserted into the maxillary bone to replace the root of a tooth. Implants are generally made of pure titanium or some titanium alloy (e. g. titanium-zirconium) which is a perfectly biocompatible material and always have a special surface treatment. A special feature of titanium is that it is able to fuse intimately with bone by a process known as osseointegration. Titanium also has other advantages:

          Inert nature
          Corrosion resistance
          High tensile and load resistance

      Once the implant is fused to the bone and found to be free of infection, a prosthesis is designed and fabricated as it is placed on the implant (s). The prostheses can be of many types depending on their connection to the implant, its material, the type of anchorage, its extension, etc.

      The important thing to know what we are talking about is knowing that every implant-supported artificial tooth consists of 3 main components:

          A surgical component: which is the dental implant itself
          An abutment: which serves as a connection between the implant and the prosthesis. There is not always a pillar, but it is always better to have one.
          A prosthetic component: which is the dental prosthesis as it is placed over the implant abutment (or implants if there is more than one)

      Therefore, when comparing prices, it is important to know if we are only talking about the dental implant (the "screw" that is inserted in the bone, to understand us) or the implant plus the prosthesis, since a very common trick that is used in advertising is to promote a very attractive price as a hook, but that does not include the price of the prosthesis nor the necessary elements to make this prosthesis...