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Dental Implants Treatments

  • Dental Implant All On 2

    Lower Jaw Overdenture in 5 Days (Implant Placement And Fixed Denture)

    •     On our prestigious place is a must offer dental implants in Costa Rica to fulfill all the needs of patients, a perfect example are overdentures that will improve the beauty of each smile. The adequate preparation ensures quality of team members work, the “Tico” touch and foreign studies in Europe are proof of this. This dental treatment clinic in Costa Rica will prove its unique standards on every placing, implanting and fixing denture job.

           In spite of huge advances in modern dental science, loosing the set of teeth formally known as edentulism it is today a relevant problem of public health. In words of the World health organization, defines the edentulism as a physical impairment, (because results a lost of important part of the body), disability (can cause a limitation to perform at least two indispensable tasks of life which are speaking and eating) and not less important a handicap (because considerable changes are required to compensate for this deficiency). This is a harm that posses all a chronic disease characteristics, it has not cure and requires specific management movements to overcome its upsetting effects.

           For about during over a century, using complete dentures have been a traditional typical of edentulism care, this principal focus on replacing all the lost tissue. Many studies show more people are satisfied with the superior part or maxillary part of the denture as compared to the lower and besides that many people feel glad with this dental treatment some other do not feel as the same.

           So, the implant of lower jaw overdenture is a solution that results as a far simpler and effective. Actually, this treatment originally was introduced to North America beginning in Toronto, many patients were complaining and seeking for an implant treatment and cases became solved specifically throughout initial healing period as their lower part of the denture, fitted or relined over all implants and this cause them increasing in retention, calm and stability.

           Nowadays the preservation of remaining a bone structure corcerns a lot more than before to modern dentistry, preventing the loss of the bone loss is an important key related to the success of this treatment. In the case the patient suffers from tooth lost is highly recommended to opt for placing the overdenture is most ideal during the first year.

           The Dental implants in Costa Rica are will be finished in just five days, always seeking to the comforting experience of our patients. It is time to turn away the past and take advantages over new technologies.

          How Overdenture Works?

           To place and retain this denture it may be a number of options available, it may be connected to a bar attached to certain implants, and then you could retire in case of after eating or at time to clean it.

           Another great option is a fixed or non removable bridge, it might be useful to adapt the specific denture in case you have one to construct a reply.

  • All On 5 - All On 6

    Full Oral Rehabilitation Over Dental Implants

  •     In the 80A´s decade, Doctor Paulo Malo has invented this innovative systems to implant a completely new set of teeth with all-on 4 system. Besides this method proves to be comfortable, after any clinical process no matter how simply it results is a must to take a period of rehabilitation. Dental clinic treatment in Costa Rica offers a service to rehabilitate all-on 5 and all-on 6 after the surgery with a great quality team and installations.

        This Procedure and its Placing Constitutes

        These implants are official known as supported full arch metal ceramic bridge, placed in the lower or upper jaw when all teeth are lost. Both numbers placing according with the seriousness of the situation, and this solution has been developed to improve the use the bone still available and fitting for almost everyone at any age and the set of teeth loss stage and in the specific space where the decomposing has affected bone tissue.

        System of all-on 5 or all-on 6 are based on fixation on quite specific locations in order to create a three dimensional trapezoid force this attachment is enabled of a full arch metal ceramic bridge that contains for about a set of teeth of 12 or 14 in total, it possess a material a material that is used to make conventional crowns. Among dental implants in Costa Rica this one of the best appliance nowadays for all teeth in the jaw replacing.

        Our Staff is prepared to Support on Patients Rehabilitation.

        So, the rehabilitation of the all-on 4 is already in the past, with one or two more implants added to the system the service has been improved . This procedure is safer than the classic all-on 4, and this makes sure you will not loose any cent from your dental investment.

        The structure now is sufficient strong to survive the lost of one implant, before in cases with the all-on 4 you might loose all the system if you miss an implant. Costs actually become higher but not expensive enough to not opt for a better service and security your denture maintains during a long-term, and remains lower prices than in United States.

        In our dental center we assure everything will go right on your procedure, 27 years of Dr. Vargas prove it. Do not even mind if an implant is fallen because the price is not comparable with reconstructing all a completely new set of teeth, in this case with 5 on-all and 6 on-all system the only thing to do is place that specific implant..

        With an awesome staff and high quality control in our facilities we are delighted in working for your happiness and will help you to get the wish of have that big and unique smile. It does not matter anything but your aspect and fulfill any need you have in matter of dental care for us, as well as visit a beautiful country and enjoy.