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All On 2 Dental Implants

All On 2 Dental Implants

Two-implant Overdentures are an affordable option for our clients, because it combines the stability of dental implants with the economical costs of treatment.

All On 4 Dental Implants

All On 4 Dental Implants

The All-on-4 treatment is a cost-efficient solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery. Two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior.

All On 6 Dental Implants

All On 6 Dental Implants

The All-on-6 is specifically designed to use only six implants that are available for immediate function. Typically don´t require bone grafting, so they are an ideal solution for areas of low bone density.


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  • "Initially, one is attracted by the considerable savings of doing the dental work there -for me, it has been consistently 1/3 to 1/2 of what I am quoted for the same work here in Jacksonville, Fl. The savings more than pay for the whole trip to Costa Rica. But after getting to know Dr. Vargas and his staff, it is the quality of care, the total dedication to one's well-being and the excellent results that make me keep going back there, not the savings. I recommend Dr. Vargas totally and without hesitation."

    Diana Montero

    Florida, USA

  • "In 2010 I went to Costa Rica and visited Dr. Jairo Vargas for two implants. He was very professional and his staff were super friendly and helpful. The dental implants were of the best quality. I live in Washington DC and could not complete the process in Costa Rica. When visiting Washington Hospital they were able to easily finish the job here since Dr. Vargas uses the same materials with the same quality used by US Dentists."

    Eric Roberts

    California, USA

  • "I met Dr. Vargas some 5 years ago when I needed 5 implants to replace my damaged teeth. A friend of mine told me how this doctor had reconstructed his entire face after injuries experienced from a highway collision accident and replaced his broken teeth with implants (except for some minor marks, one would never have guessed that he had experienced such trauma)."

    Alice Jackson

    United Kingdom

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In our clinic the patients are always attended by a friendly and trained staff in the various treatments that we offer.

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The consultation and medical evaluation in our clinic is always attended by our director and physician-surgeon Jairo Vargas.

Dental Implants Costa Rica, Dr Jairo Vargas Clinic


Full rehabilitation with the use of an "all on 4" dental treatment is in the past. We have improved it with the use of an " all on 6" which is, as the name implies, adding 2 more implants to the original treatment. Why? , It´s safer and I want to make sure that your dental investment is not lost. If you were to loose one of your implants with the "all on 4" your treatment will fall apart and yes, your money with it. By adding two more implants the structure will be strong enough to survive the lost of one, which is fairly common. Yes, the important question comes to your mind now, how much more is it going to cost me? The cost of an "all on 6" is just a little more expensive, nothing to worry about, it still stays below the prices you are offered in the United States.

It also assures us that the price you pay is it. Even if one falls down the repair cost will remain from a minimum to nothing in comparison to what a whole new reconstruction of an "all on 4" will cost you. Think about a dental work with: lower costs, beautiful country, a Doctor with 27 years of experience, awesome staff, and the smile you have been dreaming about. We are waiting for you. Pura Vida!

Dr Jairo Vargas - dental implants Costa Rica

Dr. Jairo Vargas


Our goal is to provide you the best possible treatment based on your dental needs and to give you a personalized attention in our state-of-the-art estethic clinic.

Our "Tico Touch" in combination with our unique European training will give you the dental work in Costa Rica you expect with significant savings.

Imagine getting your dental treatment with dental implants priced within your budget, lifetime warranty and enjoying the vacation you deserve in beautiful Costa Rica.

In our dental implant clinic we offer a simulation of the procedure with a dental software as a way of precaution so we know exactly how it is going to look and where exactly the implants are going to be placed. We are committed to our international patients; we have trained for years and have everything you may need for your dental treatments. We will provide you with all around transportation, a toll free number and e-mail to answer any questions you may have, we can give you tips to where you may go an visit while you are here.

A short flight, a team of the most experienced dentists in Costa Rica, an advanced European sterilization process, one of the highest success rate and the best lab possible in our country. All that is left to do is to make an appointment through our patient coordinator or send us an e-mail and we will call right back at your convenience.

Placing Dental Implants By Experts In Costa Rica

People feels a desire to improve their looking when circumstances in life affect their appearance. For example, missing a tooth or several of them, is an issue among the community in matters of self esteem. In many places worldwide great dental experts are willing with their knowledge and equipments on this labor. Now here, in this country our team offers a high quality service to please any client on its desire, trust in our clinic staff where you will leave behind all problems concerning to dental treatments.

Here at the dental treatment clinic, we ensure a service with considerable savings and 27 years long of proud and high quality service to each one of the people that have taken the decision of choosing us, use the opportunity of catching a flight to Costa Rica that is possible to take from airports nearby your home.

Using all the specific bases of your dental needs you will be given an exceptional treatment as better as possible, state-of-the-art dental facility is personalized for patients.

Provide yourself of brand new dental implants, thought for your salary and ensure savings which you may use to others services or have a trip all over the country and enjoying the beautiful found in Costa Rica. In order to evidence professionalism and confidence, our staff will work closely with the doctor responsible of your personal care.


We are willing to answer any questions people have or even to take an appointment. In case you have whichever requirement considered as urgent, please feel comfortable to contact by phone, we understand the world is changing constantly and is a must to manage other language for everyone in the case of our staff they may be answered in English, Spanish or German.

Many tourists make their dental implants in Costa Rica, with a stable policy, have countless natural beauties and a lower price but with a highly recommended quality in dentistry. It becomes the ideal for a lot of foreigners who require  treatments. and  offers rehabilitation with dental implants made by specialists in the area.

A dental insert is a titanium component that is situated by surgery in the maxillary located below the gingival, this allows the dentist to embed the synthetic tooth or bridge in that area permanently, implants are not removed as dentures, are beneficial to your oral health, and it is not necessary to be subject to other teeth like bridges. The implant is attached to the jaw bone providing a fixed support for those artificial teeth. Bridges and dentures that are placed on the implants will not slip or move in her mouth and of itself is a huge advantage by making it more accepted and aesthetic, helping your chewing. This adaptation of dentures, bridges and single crowns that are placed on the implants make them look as if they were their own natural teeth.

Occasionally, conventional dentures and bridges can result uncomfortable, create irritation because their edges are sometimes narrow and cause nausea, apart from this detail, traditional bridges should be supported on the teeth on both sides of empty space and advantage of implants is that you do not have to modify other teeth or wear them for that support the teeth replacement. These bridges or removable dentures can be removed and reinserted in the mouth and obviously is not something that a person would like to do or is aesthetic. They are generally accepted for people of the 3rd age and due to retraction find it impossible to place implants.

Cost of Dental Implant in Costa Rica, costs from $ 649 to $ 899 and the average price is $ 809. If you plan to get it and your bone is extremely thin or soft and does not hold the implant may ask to be a bone graft. Generally most dental implants work successfully but you can take several steps to ensure lasting successful, as not smoking, visiting the dentist, brush your teeth at least 3 times a day and avoid chewing very hard foods that may damage it.  If you want to start an implant, must include healthy gingiva and adequate bone to support the implant. The patient should have the responsibility of maintaining good health these new structures, meticulous hygiene, going to the odontology  regularly is essential for doing well treatment and long-term implants.

You can enjoy your holiday and include a dental implant in Costa Rica at the parallel time. Dental tourism has become a very popular choice for those who want to take  more economic implants but with the same quality. Some countries like Costa Rica, India, Mexico and many Asian countries offer treatments at a lower price than developed countries such as Canada, the US and the UK.


all on four implant

Are you interested in a treatment by specialists who have studied and trained in the United States and use the identical materials but with a much lower cost and with the same quality? Besides all these advantages we can add that you have the opportunity to visit the tourist attractions of this beautiful country, before or after your cure while you are in recovery.

All in four is a technique that involves the same day of the surgery is placed a dental prosthesis immediately. Gives an effective and safe restoration to patients is developed to replace all the teeth in the lower and upper arch using a limited number of dental implants. You can delight  a dental treatment in Costa Rica thanks to savings of 60% on all dental procedures (if you compare prices with specialists from the United States. In addition, patient comfort gets better with the successful result of the procedure in a short time. With treatment of All-on-4, you take implants and a complete set of non-removable permanent teeth in one appointment.

All on Four system is the latest generation of implantology, is conducted by suitably qualified professionals in dental treatment in Costa Rica. It allows extractions, remove your infection and place the corresponding implants as well as upper and lower, in a permanent way on the same day. This technique are designed to obtain desired results in a predictable manner are used. His material is titanium because it must be bio-compatible with the bone and be tolerable with the soft tissue of your mouth.

It is almost minimum that produce rejection or allergy this procedure, if necessary extractions were carried out and the implants are placed to grip the prosthesis. When surgery is completed, the dentist retouch and adapts it, so that it is perfectly adjusted to the patient's mouth, after he puts the prosthesis to the patient and can return to their teeth functions. all in one day.

The importance of this type of treatment is that with a small number of implants can provide the patient with a fixed prosthesis lower teeth, reducing the cost and time of treatment and improving the quality of life of our patient.

 It is recommended that the client initially make a soft diet for a month and then if you can eat normally. The patient in addition gets a completely new set of teeth the same day and avoiding additional interventions of several weeks for other processes and different treatments. It is done in a short time, it is more economical and recovery is very fast. With this technique quickly recover (masticatory and aesthetic) function and gain security.

In order to get cheap dental implants the main tips that you should keep in mind is that it is better make dental tourism and enjoy a holiday you will meet new locations and perhaps can earn prices more economic besides benefit from the exchange. Dental treatments in Costa Rica is a safe and reliable option, always prepare a detailed choice on which clinics are right for you.


zirconium crowns implants

One of the most important advances in the field of odontology consists in the use of zirconium for both crowns on natural roots or implants as entire structures in fixed rehabilitations on implants, allows us very usefully replace metal alloys and ceramics which until recently were the only model used in this kind of rehabilitation.

Dental crowns made of porcelain united to metal are stronger than pure ceramic versions and more aesthetically pleasing than those prepared with metal. However, their metal caps provide an opaque ceramic crowns combined to metal appearance.

Because they do not have the reflective quality of natural teeth, porcelain crowns fused to metal are not as discreet as ceramic crowns. Also, products with this type of crown and over time, you may look a thin strip of metal along the gum line.

Replacing the metal structures enables us to provide the patient a higher biocompatibility of the prosthesis that will be better tolerated by the gums and prevent the risk of metal allergies in susceptible persons.

Another important to recommend ceramic zirconium prosthesis factor is certainly the aesthetics. Being a white and translucent material allows us to realize dentures more natural and bright. On the other hand, lacking below the ceramic metal structure, never gray edges will be in the case that the gum retracts Over the time.

The Zirconium crown is ultra modern and super efficient for replacing your missing teeth solution, he will smile more often and others will be astonished. It was used for the first time in 1998 at the dental clinic at the University of Zurich (Switzerland), and since then its popularity increased continuously.

Lot of patients because of the name, believe that the crown is realized in zirconium. But in fact, only the inner side is made of this material, but the external part is made of ceramic. The combination of such materials provides a high resistance teeth and an aesthetic that is not comparable with other kinds of dental crowns.

The zirconium crowns are lighter in weight than metal-ceramic but up to 50% stronger;

The dental zirconium is fully compatible with the human body. It is not a metal and does not cause allergies; Zirconium white color permits the use of crowns for a longer period. With these crowns will never be visible metal, even if the gum is removed or a piece of broken ceramic.

The zirconium crowns limited adherence of the dental plaque; zirconium oxide is not transparent to light compared to pure porcelain, so also when they are coated gray teeth, can become quite aesthetic.

Zirconium crown also has a low thermal conductivity (because it is free of metallic parts), so you can eat hot or cold meal without tasting disagreeable sensations caused by the temperature. If right design of the structure is made as of the range and precision, there is no disadvantage to structures metal-ceramic. In the industry it is used for over 40 years. The primary zirconium white color can be changed thanks to the possibility of coloration by immersion with the 16 colors of the VITA scale. Its properties allow the rehabilitation of teeth with high level of quality.


restoration with implants

Costa Rica are renowned for their warmth and hospitality.

It is secure and easy for patients in other countries to have their treatment of dental job in Costa Rica, and visit this beautiful country between appointments, all for a much lower cost, even lasts most of the materials, including dental implants we use are made in the United States and Europe. Offers competitive prices, modern facilities and the dedication of our health professionals. It is a growing tendency in Costa Rica and a complete mouth restoration is an intensive and cosmetic dental processing implemented in a person having very damaged teeth or has completely lost their teeth.

The demand for dental job in Costa Rica  by foreigners has led to and growth in the number of clinics that offer their services within of the denominated dental tourism.

It is estimated that about 60 certified establishments by international standards, are currently operating with a extensive line of procedures ranging from an implant crown, to full mouth restoration or porcelain veneers. Although there is no comparative data, dentists ensure that market players are increasingly and this sharpens the fierce competition that have countries like Mexico, Guatemala or Colombia, who devote many resources to catch a kind of tourist who stays additional time, let more foreign currency and travels all year long.

The full mouth restoration is a process that generally includes one or more of the following treatments:

1.-Rest dental crowns
2.-Permanent dental bridges
3.-Porcelain veneers
There are several types of treatments:

1.-Gradia prosthesis hybrid: Hybrid dentures are definitely the best option for oral rehabilitation. This is a fixed prosthesis is screwed to the implant. This kind of prosthesis is made with a computer micro-milling metal reinforced chromium-cobalt, chromium-nickel or titanium grade 5, which designs the stump on which prefabricated anger GRADIA veneers, a type of composite designed. This not only makes them highly comfortable and strong for you, but are also easy to repair  upper or lower arch mouth with dental implants (6 to 8 implants).

2.-Over denture: they are the latter option that we propose more. It is an implant prosthesis detachable, with a system called locator (male-female) to give you extra support. Among its greatest advantage it is that it can be removed for cleaning. It is made of resin and a metallic reinforcement cobalt chromium in its base to avoid breakage.

3.-Conventional prosthesis is the most classic, a denture that adheres to gingiva using a special glue. In this case it is not as recommended as the previous.

Most people who apply a dental job in Costa Rica  present the highest quality materials, with high standards, that's a competitive advantage. In accordance with the Law of Costa Rica, a specialist is a dentist who, after six years of Dentistry regularly, studying at least two years (full time) of a particular branch of odontology. This must be certified by the official Costa Rica Dental Council, to review the program and the University who offered the area of expertise (some programs cannot be accepted as a specialty, if not reach a level of excellence).


bridges over dental implants

This country has established a perfect combination between natural beauty and suitable infrastructure to a high standard offering health tourism. In 2008, about 25,000 people travel for  getting a dental implant in Costa Rica, most of them from the United States of America.  But,  the medical tourism industry offer cosmetic dental procedures, restorative and general treatment and this often includes stay in a hotel. It is a new access in the industry of medical tourism.

Have you lost a teeth and do not know if you should be a bridge or a dental implant? In most instances of single tooth loss, partial absence, it is possible to replenish them with a fixed porcelain bridge. But, this requires lower adjacent neighboring parts under vacuum to cover them with porcelain and secure the space bridge. Implants will not change your other healthy teeth, because those around do not suffer wear. Otherwise just as with a bridge that requires cutting down the adjoining healthy teeth for the purpose of support the structure of the dental bridge.

If  those adjacent teeth are healthy it is a  shame carve it because it could weaken, but if they are damage, it may be better to cover them with the fixed bridge, restoring and reinforcing the broken parts and replacing at the same time the missing pieces. The biggest drawback to personally see the bridges is precisely the fact that to replace a lost piece, you need to touch the surrounding parts. This combined to the situation that even with the bridge in place, it is cannot be stopped bone loss in space tooth, is for me a really big concern.

How three teeth are positioned on bridges on dental implants?

Traditionally they are fixing them dental bridges on natural teeth still maintained in the patient's mouth, but this made it deteriorate needlessly and the danger of losing is run were placed.

With osteo-integrated implants and there is no requirement to fix bridges on normal teeth as they are fixed directly on them by ensuring a great quality of fixation and permanence and durability no doubt. Recall that the titanium screws placed on the bone structure found within the bone below the gingiva and then a natural process called osseous-integration, under which occurs the body itself, welcomes to the titanium implant by coating of its own tissues.

Besides all these expensive processes, the advantage to produce a dental implant Costa Rica and make dental tourism is that patient can save up to 80 percent of medical expenses  compared to US costs. Costa Rica is popular for procedures such as cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, weight loss and dental surgeries. Therefore it has become the usual way to fitting of prostheses today by the assurances provided in every way.

Dental implants in Dr Jairo Vargas Clinic are compared world-class, made by internationally recognized dentists, following American standards, utilizing the latest in cutting edge dental technology, comfortable and modern dental installations in one of the most beautiful tropical places global, all with savings of 50% to 80% compared to the same services in the United States.