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Dental implants in Costa Rica

Full rehabilitation with the use of an "all on 4" dental treatment is in the past. We have improved it with the use of an " all on 6" which is, as the name implies, adding 2 more implants to the original treatment. Why? , It´s safer and I want to make sure that your dental investment is not lost. If you were to loose one of your implants with the "all on 4" your treatment will fall apart and yes, your money with it. By adding two more implants the structure will be strong enough to survive the lost of one, which is fairly common. Yes, the important question comes to your mind now, how much more is it going to cost me? The cost of an "all on 6" is just a little more expensive, nothing to worry about, it still stays below the prices you are offered in the United States.

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It also assures us that the price you pay is it. Even if one falls down the repair cost will remain from a minimum to nothing in comparison to what a whole new reconstruction of an "all on 4" will cost you. Think about a dental work with: lower costs, beautiful country, a Doctor with 27 years of experience, awesome staff, and the smile you have been dreaming about. We are waiting for you. Pura Vida !

Dr. Jairo Vargas